How to Import Xero Bank Transactions to Airtable

Mar 30, 2022Rosie Threlfall

In this guide, we'll import Xero bank transactions into Airtable. We'll use the Data Fetcher Airtable extension to connect Xero to Airtable and import selected fields from our Xero bank transactions ('Bank transaction id', 'Type', 'Reference', etc.).

You'll need to connect your Xero account in order to sync the bank transactions into Airtable. Finally, we'll schedule our Xero bank transactions to sync with Airtable automatically.

Install Data Fetcher

Install Data Fetcher from the Airtable marketplace. After the extension launches, sign up for a free Data Fetcher account by entering a password and clicking 'Sign up for free'. If you already have a Data Fetcher account, sign in using the 'Have an account?' button at the bottom left of the box.

Data Fetcher Sign Up

Import Xero Bank Transactions to Airtable

On the home screen of the Data Fetcher extension, click 'Create your first request'. Requests in Data Fetcher are how you import data to or send data from your Airtable base.

Create your first request

On the create request screen in Data Fetcher, for Application, select 'Xero'.


Under Authorization click 'New' to create a new Connection.


You will be taken to a new tab/window where you'll need to authorize Data Fetcher to read from your Xero account. Log onto your Xero account using your username and password.


Select the Company you want to give access to (for this example, we are using the Demo Company data).


Click on 'Allow Access'.


In Data Fetcher for Endpoint, select 'List all bank transactions'.


You can also add a Name for your request, e.g. 'Import Xero Bank Transactions'. 

Click 'Save & Continue'.


On the next screen, select the Organization you want to import bank transactions for.

The Modified after date option allows you to only fetch invoices modified after a specified date. Leave this blank to import all invoices.

Select the Output Table & View you want to import the bank transactions into.

Click 'Save & Run'.


This request will run, and the Response field mapping window will open. This is where you set which fields from Xero will map to which fields in the output table.

You can easily find the fields you want to import using the 'Find field' search bar.

Make sure you import the 'Bank transaction id' field, as we will use this to ensure the data we import into Airtable is kept in sync with any changes in Xero. 

We will import the 'Bank transaction id, 'Type, 'Reference', 'Contact Name', 'Transaction date' and 'Total' fields. 

You can choose whether to add these to existing Airtable fields or to create new ones. You can also choose the type of any new field (e.g. Single line text, Multi line text, Total etc.) 

Click 'Save & Run'.


Data Fetcher will create any new fields in the output table, then run the request and import all the bank transaction data from Xero to Airtable. You can now choose to view the output table.


We'll also need to ensure Data Fetcher can match up items in Xero with records in Airtable and check all data is syncing correctly. To do this, click 'Advanced settings' to open the advanced output settings. Then for Update Based on Field, select 'Bank transaction id'. 

Click 'Save'.


Import Xero Bank Transactions to Airtable Automatically

Instead of manually running a request to import new bank transactions we can use Data Fetcher's scheduled requests feature to automatically import them every 15 minutes/ hour/ day etc. This also means any changes you have made to your existing bank transactions in Xero will sync with Airtable.

To enable this, you'll need a paid Data Fetcher account.

In Data Fetcher, scroll to Schedule and click 'Upgrade'.


A new tab will open where you can select a plan and enter your payment details to upgrade.

data fetcher upgrade pricing plans.png

Return to the Data Fetcher extension and click 'I've done this'.


Under Schedule click '+ Authorize'.

Schedule Data Fetcher

A popup window will open and prompt you to authorize the Airtable bases for Data Fetcher to access. It's recommended to select 'All current and future bases in all current and future workspaces' to save having to authorize other bases for future use.

Click 'Grant access'.


In Data Fetcher Schedule this request is now toggled to on.

Select how often you want the request to run, e.g. 'Every 15 mins'. Click 'Save'. The request will now run on the schedule and automatically import any new bank transactions you have added to Xero, plus sync any changes you have made to existing transactions.

Group 11(2).png

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