How to Import Xero Online Invoice URLs to Airtable

Jan 19, 2024Andy Cloke

Importing your Xero invoices into Airtable allows you to use Airtable's powerful automation and workflow features on your Xero data. Importing Xero online invoice URLs takes this one step further, allowing you to access the invoices from Airtable or build interfaces to let your Xero contacts view their own invoices!

You need to have already imported your Xero invoices into Airtable, including the Invoice ID field (note: this is different to the Invoice number). To do this, follow this guide to importing Xero invoices to Airtable, then come back here!

Xero Invoices in Airtable.png

How to Import Xero Online Invoice URLs into Airtable

On the Data Fetcher home screen, click Create Request.

create request button xero invoices.png

On the create request screen in Data Fetcher, for Application, select Xero to use the Airtable Xero integration.


Under Authorization, select your existing Xero connection or click New to create a new connection.

xero xero connection.png

In Data Fetcher for Endpoint, select Online invoice. The endpoint determines what data is imported from Xero to Airtable. This one gives us the Xero online invoice URL.

Xero Online Invoice Endpoint.png

Add a name to help you remember the request, like Import Online Xero Invoices.

Then click Save & Continue.

Xero Online Invoices Save & Continue.png

We want to make Invoice ID a reference to our Airtable field with the long invoice IDs in. Click the + icon on the right had side of the Invoice ID input.

xero invoice id + icon.png

On the modal that opens, make sure the Table is your Invoices table, the Field is the Invoice id field. Then click Confirm.

xero invoice id table reference.png

The Invoice ID field will now have a reference to our Invoice id Airtable field. This means when we run the request, it will loop over the view and import the Xero online URL for each invoice.

xero invoice id with reference.png

We're ready to go! Click Save & Run in the bottom right-hand corner.

xero invoices save and run.png

The request will run and the Response Field Mapping will open. This has a preview of our response and lets us map it to our existing or new Airtable fields. You only need to set this up the first time you run the request, but you can always come back to it to make changes to the mapping.

There is only one field imported, the Xero invoice URL, so we can just click Save & Run.

Xero invoice URLs preview.png

The request will now run for every record in our invoices table and import the Xero online Invoice URLs into Airtable!

Xero invoices with online invoice URLs.png

Next time we run the request, it will import invoice URLs for lots of records that already have them imported. To make things more efficient.

Create a new Grid view in your base called Data Fetcher - Needs invoice URL. Add these two filters:

  1. Invoice id is not empty.
  2. Online invoice url is empty.
xero needs invoice url view.png

Open your Import Online Xero Invoices request in Data Fetcher and change the output view to the new Data Fetcher - Needs invoice URL view you just created:

xero invoices output view .png

Then click Advanced Settings at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down to Run on Multiple Records and change the view here too:

xero invoices run on multiple records.png

Click Save. Now, when you run the request, it will only fetch Xero online invoice URLs for those invoices that do not already have one!

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