JavaScript Formula Playground

Test formulas for the formula npm package in our JavaScript Formula Playground.

A full list of functions can be found in the formula package docs.



What is the formula npm package?

'formula' is a formula language for JavaScript and npm package . It allows you to use many different functions to perform calculations on JavaScript data, e.g. sum:

import { run } from "formula";

run("sum(a, b, c), { a: 1, b: 2, c: 3 });
// 6

How does Data Fetcher use the formula npm package?

Data Fetcher is a tool to connect to any application or API in Airtable. When you map the fields that come back from an API response to the fields in your Airtable base, you can optionally use a formula to transform the values.

Specifically, Data Fetcher runs this JavaScript code, and uses the return value:

run(formula, { value });
This is the same code that is used in the playground above, so you can use the playground as a quick way to test Data Fetcher formulas. To understand this in more detail, check out the Data Fetcher help center.

Use these formulas with API data in Airtable