Helping 100s of customers connect Airtable to other platforms

Data Fetcher, the tool

Data Fetcher is a free Airtable extension that lets you connect to third-party applications. It's easy to get started for no-coders, but also incredibly powerful for more technical users.

Data Fetcher's pre-built integrations let you import Google Analytics data, Webflow collections, stock prices and lots more. Custom request allow you to connect to any JSON/XML API or remote CSV/XML/RSS file by entering the API URL, headers etc.

You can transform the data and customize how it's pulled into your base. Then you can run requests on a schedule or when a webhook is called. Data Fetcher lets you reference data from your tables when running requests. e.g. use a table of stock or crypto tickers to fetch current prices.

Data Fetcher was one of the first third-party extensions on the Airtable marketplace and has since been featured on the Airtable blog as well as other no-code publications like Makerpad.

Data Fetcher also have a second extension, Charts & Reports which lets you visualize data in Airtable.

Data Fetcher, the company

Influence Grid Ltd. (trading as Data Fetcher) is registered in England and Wales with company number 12368646 and based in London.

It's self-funded, profitable, and in its 3rd year of serving 100s of happy customers.

Data Fetcher, the people

I'm Andy Cloke, the founder of Data Fetcher. I created the tool after I couldn't find an easy way to import stock price data into Airtable. I work on the extension with help from specialist partners as required.

Before Data Fetcher, I worked as a software engineer at several startups and studied Engineering at the University of Oxford. You can follow me on Twitter as I build Data Fetcher in public.

Andy Cloke