How to Import Google Ads Data to Airtable

May 26, 2022Rosie Threlfall

In this step-by-step tutorial, we'll import Google Ads data into Airtable using the Data Fetcher Airtable extension. Data Fetcher is an easy to use add-on for Airtable that requires no coding. We'll also schedule the Google Ads Airtable integration to run automatically.

Install Data Fetcher

Install Data Fetcher from the Airtable marketplace. You can easily sign up for a free Data Fetcher account by entering your name, email and setting a password. If you already have a Data Fetcher account, sign in using the 'Have an account?' option in the bottom left of the screen.

Create a free Data Fetcher Account

Import Google Ads Data to Airtable

Choose 'Create your first request' from the home screen of the Data Fetcher extension. Creating requests using Data Fetcher enables us to import to and send data from an Airtable base.

click create your first request

For Application on the create request screen select 'Google Ads' to use the Google Ads Airtable integration.


Click 'New Google Ads Connection'.


You will now need to authorize Data Fetcher to access your Google Ads account. Select the Google account you want to import Google Ads data from.


On the next screen allow Data Fetcher to manage your AdWords campaign by clicking 'Continue'.


You'll now be back in the Data Fetcher extension interface with your Google Ads connection set up. Enter a Name for your request, e.g. 'Google Ads Data', then click on 'Save & Continue'.


Select the Google Ads account you want to import data from.


Select the Date range you want to import Ads data for, e.g. 'Last 7 days' 'Last 90 days' etc. Alternatively, you can select a custom date range.


Select the Fields you want to import from Google Ads, e.g. 'Impressions', 'Clicks', 'Ctr'.

Import Google Ads Fields to Airtable

Select a value for Split by if you would like the Google Ads Airtable integration to split the data into different records. E.g., select 'Date' to get a different record for each date. Or select 'Ad group name' or 'Ad name' to get a different record for each Ad group name or Ad name. This step is optional. If you don't set it, you'll get one record with aggregate totals for the selected date range.

You can use filters if you would like to only import certain data from Google Ads. Under Filters, click 'Add Filter', then select the conditions you want to filter. For example, you could only import data from Ads that have less than 100 clicks.

Google Ads Filters for Airtable

Select the Output Table & View in Airtable to import your Google Ads data into.

Google Ads Output table

Click 'Save & Run'.

Google Ads to Airtable Import Options

Data Fetcher will run the Google Ads Airtable integration and the Response field mapping window will open. This is where you set how the fields from Google Ads will map to fields in the Airtable output table. For each Google Ads field, you can either import or filter it. For an imported field, you can set whether to map them to an existing field or create a new field. Once you have selected all your required fields, click 'Save & Run'.

Google Ads Mapping to Airtable

Data Fetcher will create any new fields in the output table, then run the request and import the data from Google Ads into our chosen Airtable base.

Google Ads Output Table in Airtable

Automatic Google Ads Airtable Integration

Currently, we'll have to manually run the request to import from Google Ads every time we want to update our data. To solve this, we can use Data Fetcher's scheduled Google Ads Airtable integration and automatically import data every 15 minutes/ hour/ day etc. You'll need a paid Data Fetcher account to do this. In Data Fetcher, scroll to Schedule and click 'Upgrade'.


A new window opens where you can select a suitable payment plan.

data fetcher upgrade pricing plans.png

Return to the Data Fetcher extension and click 'I've done this'.


Under Schedule click '+ Authorize'.

Schedule Data Fetcher

A separate window will open where you can authorize the Airtable bases you need Data Fetcher to be able to access.

It's recommended to choose 'All current and future bases in all current and future workspaces' so you don't have to unauthorize other bases in future projects.

Click 'Grant access'.


You'll now see Schedule this request has been switched on.

Select how often you want the Google Ads Airtable integration to run, e.g. 'Every Day' or 'Every Month'. The request will now run based on your desired schedule and automatically pull in new Google Ads data.

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